Roy Paul Iddan רועי פאול עידן


My name is Roy, And I am a visual artist and writer from Israel. I graduated with honors in 2005 from the Bezalel Academy of art and Design,Jerusalem -where I studied animation (mainly 2D). I later got my MA in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in the US, and interned with renowned animation director John Dilworth at Stretch Films in NYC. I have comprehensive experience in all aspects of pre-production for animation, writing and development.

I do freelance animation, writing and design for a variety of international clients - most notable is my stint as production designer on MTV's "DJ and the Fro", for which I created all the characters and environments, working alongside show runners Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein. I was also a senior story artist at Animation Lab in Israel.

Most recently I wrote the TV comedy "Bobby and Me" for Israeli channel BIP, as well as the feature screenplay "Live from Jerusalem". I am currenty writing "Dad", a sitcom for Israel's Channel 10 as well as a 2nd season for "Bobby and Me".

Feel free to contact me with anything!